Chef Teddy Torres

I was born & raised in the Bronx, New York. After graduating DeWitt Clinton High School in 1teddy-torres995 I made the decision to move to Philadelphia 1996. I attended The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College. I gained an associates Degree in culinary arts. I began my restaurant career in Burlington New Jersey at a classical French restaurant called Cafe Gallery. There I started as a steward & moved to prep then cold apps & desserts. 1996 Moving on to The Moshulu in Philadelphia. Starting on cold apps & desserts, I moved all around the line learning continental cuisine & all aspects of high volume restaurants. 1997 After the Moshulu I went to work on South Street, Philadelphia at a restaurant called the Latest Dish.

There I learned about American & fusion cuisine, later being involved in the conception & execution of special events. 1998 Then I went to an Asian concept called Twenty Manning on Rittenhouse Square. Becoming the headline cook. 1999 My first Sous chef opportunity came in Old city, doing soul food at a place called Bluzette. 2000 Wanting a more corporate environment & experience I went to the Starr Restaurant organization. Starting at Alma de Cuba working with chef Jose Garces & Douglas Rodrigues who mentored my development as a Latin chef. I began as a line cook learning all aspects of the kitchen. Later being promoted as executive Sous chef at an opening New York City restaurant called O.L.A. . Returning to Philadelphia to help with the opening of El Ves an upscale Mexican restaurant. Splitting time between Alma de Cuba & El Ves. 2001-2003 Wanting a change I moved to Chicago & worked for Brazilian/ Japanese fusion concept called Sushi Samba. 2004 Being recruited by Ted Turner, to be Executive Chef of an American concept. The company wanted to implement the concept to the Philadelphia market. The restaurant concept was an amercing steakhouse, which featured Bison (Buffalo). 2005-2006

Wanting to get back into the Latin concept I went to Cuba Libre restaurant & Rum Bar as Executive Sous Chef. 2007 After Cuba Libre I went on to the Pyramid Club Pyramid Club 2008- Present- Executive Sous Chef.
During my time working at the club I recently went appeared on the Food Network program “Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell” where I competed against three other chef for a job for long establish Latin concept restaurant in New York city. We had had three challenges to complete.
1st. Adobo challenge was to create a unique adobo & apply to any dish.
2nd. I had to make a classical dish & create a new dish within an hour.
3rd. The final was to complete a dinner service & I completed the task without having any my dishes sent back. It was a first for the program.
I eventually turned down the position because I have established myself in Philadelphia. I believe that it would be better working on my career & pursue my dream out here rather then New York. I believe I have established a solid foundation that has put me into a position for which I can grow & reach my full potential. My experience has reinforced my confident to pursue my dream of owning & operating Food & Beverage establishments. It is only natural because it is the next step in my progression as a chef. Thank you for your time