Chef Kristov

Christopher Lee Abbott, also known as Chef Kristo, was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a young adult he discovered that he had a passion for food. Chef Kristov a major Food Network enthusiast and I consider himself to be an excellent Chef.

During the time that he worked in the food industry for more than 12 years, he found himself pursuing his own Personal Chef business, Chef Kristov & Company. In the early 90’s, he was a caterer for
La’Petite Bakeries and remained on staff for 6 years. From there, he continued his career in the industry as a catering assistant for Philadelphia’s top catering company, Keven Parker’s “Simply Delicious Caterer” and co-owner of “Gumbo For Da Soul” with Chef Kim Shaw. Chef Kristov, is passionate about healthy, tasty cuisine – even working two acres of farmland on a co-op in Delaware to cultivate fresh ingredients to use in his dishes to promote Farm to table healthy eating.

“I cook for the enjoyment that it gives me and to see the look of satisfaction on the person who is eating my Healthy creations. Cooking is a creative outlet for me, I use the freshest and best ingredients from farm to table so that my clients will enjoy the visual, taste, and texture aspects of the Healthy meal that I prepare.

Cooking allows me to express my creativity by trying different combinations of foods. I like to see the reaction of the person eating my creation when they first put it their mouth. I like the feeling of knowing that something that I have created can make people feel good, and I know that I have done my job when they go back for more.

I want people who taste my food to have an experience that they will never forget, that what they have tasted is like nothing they have ever had before. I cooked for one client and knew that I had hit the mark when they told me that what they were eating was ‘heaven on earth’. That’s what I am looking for when I cook.

My great passion for food drives me to constantly research, read, and learn new ways to prepare delightful dishes that are stimulating to the eye and that makes people’s taste buds tingle with delight. I am very interested in the latest food trends and methods in the culinary world. I have a great deal of knowledge about cooking for people with special dietary needs.

I understand the importance of cooking carefully to ensure health and safety, while not compromising
flavor. I started this personal chef Service to share my love of food and cooking. I want to prepare food
customized to your needs to ensure you the best quality of life, while giving you amazing flavor.”