Meet the Founder

Kirk WardyKirk Wardy is quickly becoming the go-to representative for minority chefs in the culinary world. As the founder of The LaRue Group, Kirk helps minority chefs and food producers by creating a platform for them to spotlight their culinary talent. 

Beyond the platform, The LaRue Group provides brand activation services and connects top culinary talent with those seeking an experience in taste they have never had before.

Kirk’s background and skills lend well to pioneering this group. As a young man determined to make his dreams come true, Kirk worked through the tough transition of serving his country in the Air Force, yet finding no work to building and creating a new path in TV/media. He is a recognized and accomplished journalist and cameraman, and contributes his wealth of knowledge, connections with others, and unrelenting drive to bring attention to need for more opportunities for minority chefs. 

Insight, passion, and an insatiable desire to make a way for others led Kirk to start the LaRue group in 2014, with the first event, The Chef Series Experience, happening in April of that year. In the short span of one year, The LaRue Group is now the home to some 7 chefs and counting. Followership on social media platforms have catapulted to well over 1,000, and recognition and demand for The LaRue Group services, and The Chef Series Experience has now reached 7 countries.

The hard work and dedication of Kirk Wardy and his team has set the LaRue Group at the helm of culinary talent. With a rapidly growing brand, and a continued commitment to excellence, the LaRue Group looks forward to realizing the vision and will continue to meet the needs of professional minority chefs.


The La Rue Group is a multi-media firm & culinary agency.We offer a variety of services including, product and lifestyle photography, videography, and chef placement services for both large and small events. Our mission is to include minority chefs, product producers and hospitality professionals in the global conversation.

The “Chef Series,” our premier monthly event, spotlights emerging and seasoned chefs of color—a community that often goes unrecognized in the culinary industry. This unique social and cultural experience takes place at various locations across the country and offers food connoisseurs an exclusive opportunity to sample signature dishes prepared by the areas most talented minority chefs.

The LaRue also helps minority chefs, food producers and hospitality professionals with marketing and branding their services across print, digital and social media.